MLS Donates Meals to COVID-19 Response Team at Holy Cross Hospital in Maryland

In appreciation for their dedication, courage, and compassion amidst COVID-19, MLS donated meals to medical and support staff in Respiratory Therapy, Imaging, the ICU, and ER at Holy Cross Hospital in Maryland. MLS partnered with a local restaurant in Germantown to deliver dinners to frontline personnel in keeping with hospital protocols. Holy Cross was one … Continued

MLS Delivers Video Remote Interpretation and Translation Support During COVID-19 Emergency

Remaining fully operational during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MLS quickly shifted onsite interpretation support for customers to video remote interpretation (VRI), enabling organizations to proceed safely with meetings and other events. MLS VRI is available for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation needs in settings ranging from one-on-one to large groups. In addition to VRI across a … Continued

MLS Expands Virtual Language Training Offerings in Response to COVID-19 Disruptions

To ensure mission continuity during the COVID-19 crisis, MLS has diversified its online training portfolio in strategic languages for the Department of Defense, Department of State and other agencies. MLS offers an array of synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid language training options to afford maximum flexibility for students now unable to attend in-person classes. In response … Continued

MLS Awarded Innovative Language and Cultural Training Contract by DLNSEO

The Defense Language and National Security Education Office has awarded MLS a 5-year contract to manage and administer language and cultural training conducted at Institutions of Higher Education around the country. Under the Language Instruction Services contract, training will be provided for DoD personnel in critical languages and dialects via platform instruction, synchronous and asynchronous … Continued

MLS Begins Year 3 Supporting DIA at National Media Exploitation Center

As Prime on the DIA Language Services contract at the National Media Exploitation Center, MLS provides high level translation and interpretation support for multiple DoD organizations. MLS linguist and project management teams deliver onsite and remote services in 50 languages and dialects. MLS also recently supported DIA on the Language, Regional Expertise and Cultural Training … Continued

MLS Intensifies Cybersecurity Focus to Ensure Information Security for Customers and Partners

As part of our ongoing emphasis on information security and compliance with the NIST 800-171 Framework, MLS continues to update our data protection policies as well as roll out new training and awareness initiatives for employees. Under NIST Special Publication 800-171 “Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Non-Federal Information Systems and Organizations,” DoD contractors must meet … Continued

MLS to Provide Language Training at Department of State Foreign Service Institute

In support of the School of Language Studies, MLS will provide instruction and curriculum development at the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, Virginia. The Foreign Service Institute offers language training and testing to State Department employees and other government agencies in over 70 languages. Since 2010, MLS has conducted customized language and cultural training for … Continued

Transcreation of Product Copy for the French Canadian Market: A Case Study

Today we’re going to talk about something really exciting: Office supplies. I’ve lost you. And I don’t blame you. Office supplies are not, on their own, very interesting. The market seems saturated with ballpoint pen options and sticky note systems, all virtually indistinguishable from each other at first glance. This is where a good creative … Continued

Transcreation for HR Materials: A Case Study

For global companies with multilingual staff members, corporate communications present unique linguistic challenges–particularly when translating materials related to workplace culture and personnel matters. The thorough, collaborative process of transcreation ensures consistency, clarity and proper cultural assimilation of corporate messaging. One of our recent projects demonstrates the efficiency and efficacy of our unique transcreation method when … Continued

Interpretation Game Changer: New Mobile Platform Increases Access, Options

We’ve been spoiled by technology (and don’t we love it). Technological advancements, particularly those over the last 10 years or so, have fundamentally changed our ability to connect quickly with the resources, people and services we need in nearly any industry. Even services like interpretation, that used to rely on advanced planning for in-person interactions, … Continued