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Language Translation Services

MLS provides high quality professional translation services in more than 100 languages to clients in more than 30 broadly defined industries. Our linguists are subject matter experts in medicine, law, human resources, advertising, computer technology, engineering and other technical disciplines. Our expert managers, global network of professionally trained linguists, and rigorous quality assurance procedures ensure the production of translated documents that convey messages which are as accurate, culturally relevant and impactful as in the original language. In addition to professional translation services resulting in foreign language content ready for print or online distribution, we offer ancillary services which accommodate diverse requirements and budgets.

MLS clients benefit from high quality translation services which feature the following:

Professional translator

  • Accuracy and timeliness
  • Professionally trained and accredited translators with specialized expertise in various industries
  • Customized staffing plans which align requirements with appropriately qualified and fully vetted linguists and technical experts
  • Stringent quality control (QC) and assurance standards
  • Advanced technology to maximize productivity and consistency
  • Experienced bilingual project management staff

Flexible work flow and efficiency measures integrate seamlessly with clients’ existing procedures and protocols

Solutions for Business

Our Business Solutions Division supports leading organizations, large and small, in communicating effectively with multicultural consumers, partners and employees. In addition to the professional translation services resulting in distribution-ready foreign language content, we offer ancillary services to meet diverse requirements, including:

  • “For Information Only” translation. When publication quality is not what you’re looking for or if your in-house linguists who would otherwise do the job simply can’t handle the volume within your timeline, MLS provides a solution by producing high volume, unedited translations to move the process along.
  • Proofreading & Editing. MLS provides support in addressing the perennial challenge of ensuring quality when working with multiple translation vendors or when your needs include translation into multiple languages. MLS implements industry-leading quality control protocols and provides objective analysis of the quality of translations prepared by clients’ internal or third party linguists.
  • Document Analysis, Gisting & Abstracting. When dealing with a large volume of documents in a foreign language, identifying which are most relevant for your needs is a daunting challenge. Armed with key terms, MLS linguists carefully sift through the volume, either remotely or on-site, and identify relevant documents and preparing abstracts where necessary. For more information about our work in the legal field, click here.
  • Website & Social Media Translation. Websites offer obvious opportunities for dramatic market expansion. In addition, organizations are increasingly utilizing social media and other forms of informal communications to support their brands. Mobilizing our worldwide linguistic resources under the supervision of a dedicated project manager, MLS provides internationally-oriented organizations with innovative, cost-effective solutions for the production of foreign language content for websites, blogs and other informal media content, while maintaining a consistent message across languages.

Solutions for Government

MLS is a leading provider of professional translation and linguist support to more than 30 federal civilian and military customers, as well as government agencies at the state and local level. Civilian federal, state and local agencies trust MLS to produce highly effective professional translations in support of public information and education campaigns, and regulatory compliance targeting Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations within the U.S.

Military customers turn to MLS to provide professional translation support in languages with national security implications, both remotely and at locations across the globe. Our extensive pool of professional linguists bring subject matter expertise in key disciplines and are available to meet government customers’ short-fused and programmatic translation requirements.

Patent Translation Services

Patent translation is a highly technical and specialized form of translation. In order to be able to produce an accurate and legally sound translation, it is essential to use a patent translation service that employs experienced and knowledgeable translators. Patent law can vary significantly from one country to another, so it is important to ensure that the translator is familiar with the relevant laws in both the source and target countries. Additionally, the translator should have a solid understanding of patent terminology and be able to render complex concepts accurately in the target language. By using a reputable patent translation service, you can be confident that your translations will be of the highest quality and will meet all legal requirements.

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