Language & Cultural Training

Top-notch Workforce Training Across Languages & Cultures

In collaboration with our clients, MLS designs and delivers targeted language, cultural and area studies training aligned to operational and organizational requirements. Programs are available at all proficiency levels and offered in a variety of formats including 1-on-1 tutoring, group classroom and distance learning. Our training is founded on a student-centered approach to maximize learning, with instruction focused on task-oriented skills critical to job performance. Drawing on our global network of professional instructors, MLS responds to short-fused, ongoing and surge requirements worldwide.

Services in Over 100 Languages & Cultures

  • Language acquisition, sustainment, refresher and enhancement classes
  • Pre-deployment cultural training
  • Iso-immersion and in-country immersion programs
  • Role player and exercise support
  • Regional and area studies seminars
  • Executive and management training
  • Employee workplace training
  • eLearning, mLearning and multimedia instruction
  • Professional development critical skills training
  • ESL and English for specific purposes
  • Language needs assessment, consulting and testing
  • Curriculum Development & Technology Integration

Solutions for Business

MLS offers companies tailored language and cultural training to enhance their effectiveness in today’s global economy. Our industry-specific programs for business executives and staff can help improve communication with international business partners as well as a diverse workforce. Whether you are forming new business alliances around the world or looking to increase productivity at home, MLS training can offer an important competitive edge.

As a leading provider of both foreign language instruction and ESL, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you in expanding your organization’s linguistic and multicultural capabilities.

Solutions for Government

Since the firm’s founding in 2001, MLS has provided innovative language, cultural and area studies training to meet critical government requirements. MLS instruction ranges from mission-focused training for the U.S. Military to time-sensitive support for state and local agencies. Whether advanced language training for DoD linguists, pre-deployment cultural instruction for embassy personnel, or basic acquisition for local law enforcement, MLS offers onsite training and eLearning solutions designed to enhance proficiency and performance.

With 24/7 availability CONUS and OCONUS, our experienced training teams bring both linguistic skill and cross-cultural knowledge to ensure optimal instruction and positive mission interactions.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how MLS can help meet your global communication and operational objectives.

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