LEP & Regulatory Compliance

LEP & Regulatory Compliance


MLS provides full-scope linguistic services to assist clients in complying with federal Limited English Proficiency (LEP) requirements to ensure meaningful access to programs. Our experienced teams of translators and interpreters are available to help customers communicate more effectively with LEP persons and ensure compliance with the law. MLS also conducts customized training for clients so they fully understand their LEP responsibilities and adopt sound strategies for compliance.

Pursuant to LEP initiatives, MLS translates “vital materials” that are routinely provided in English. (A document is considered “vital” if it contains information that is critical for obtaining federal services and/or benefits, or is required by law.) Such documents include, for example, medical consent forms, agency complaint forms, and notices advising LEP persons of the availability of free language assistance.

MLS also offers onsite and telephonic interpretation for organizations serving LEP populations such as healthcare providers and state and local court systems. In addition to advanced linguistic skills, our interpreters bring familiarity with technical terminology and professional protocols specific to the field at hand.


  • LEP compliance training for clients in diverse fields
  • Linguistically and culturally accurate document and website translation
  • Onsite and telephonic interpretation
  • Foreign language recordings for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
  • Voiceovers and subtitling for video and DVD products and PSA’s
  • Multilingual desktop publishing for public education campaigns

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