Website & Software Localization

Website & Software Localization

MLS leverages a global network of localization and multimedia experts to produce the highest quality localized products on schedule and within budget. MLS provides end-to-end website localization solutions entailing project assessment and planning, translation and editing, graphics localization, engineering and functionality testing. MLS can guide you through the process from start to finish or augment your in-house capabilities as necessary through SEO research and translation, multilingual asset management and ongoing maintenance of your localized presence.

MLS linguists and developers prepare localized versions of desktop, web-based and smartphone applications within aggressive timetables. MLS software localization and online product development experts provide an integrated workflow which leverages the expertise of our global subject matter experts and project management staff to guide you through the development, translation, engineering and testing process and creates localized applications efficiently and effectively.

Solutions for Business

Websites offer remarkable opportunities to reach US-based Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations and foreign markets. Whether you’re producing localized websites concurrently with the development of an English-language site or adapting an existing site, our experienced project managers and localization experts are available to structure a localization solution which meets your unique needs while maintaining a consistent brand and conveying a message that resonates with the intended audience.

Solutions for Government

MLS provides website localization support to federal, state and local government agencies. Whether you’re producing urgent public health information for US-based Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations, localizing a military command’s entire website for a global audience, or preparing localized software for worldwide distribution, MLS personnel possess the linguistic skill, subject matter expertise and technical knowledge to create and maintain your localized product.

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