Transcreation of Product Copy for the French Canadian Market: A Case Study

Today we’re going to talk about something really exciting: Office supplies. I’ve lost you. And I don’t blame you. Office supplies are not, on their own, very interesting. The market seems saturated with ballpoint pen options and sticky note systems, all virtually indistinguishable from each other at first glance. This is where a good creative … Continued

Transcreation for HR Materials: A Case Study

For global companies with multilingual staff members, corporate communications present unique linguistic challenges–particularly when translating materials related to workplace culture and personnel matters. The thorough, collaborative process of transcreation ensures consistency, clarity and proper cultural assimilation of corporate messaging. One of our recent projects demonstrates the efficiency and efficacy of our unique transcreation method when … Continued

Interpretation Game Changer: New Mobile Platform Increases Access, Options

We’ve been spoiled by technology (and don’t we love it). Technological advancements, particularly those over the last 10 years or so, have fundamentally changed our ability to connect quickly with the resources, people and services we need in nearly any industry. Even services like interpretation, that used to rely on advanced planning for in-person interactions, … Continued

Beyond Translation: How Transcreation Elevates Global Branding

Quick: Tell me everything that makes you unique, and why I should care. That’s a tall order in any context. Introduce a language or cultural barrier between the speaker and the listener, and the challenge increases exponentially. In the international business realm, all too often marketing teams spend months developing comprehensive brand campaigns to share … Continued

MLS Support for Central Africa MTT Highlighted in Air University Publication

MLS’s role in providing Advanced French instruction was featured in the spring ’17 AFCLC “Connection” newsletter. The intensive French training included cultural instruction as well as translation and interpretation skills practice to enhance student proficiency. Following classes at MLS HQ in Maryland, the Air Force participant joined a Mobile Training Team overseas, providing linguistic support … Continued

MLS Team Awarded Air Force English Language Training Task for Support in Saudi Arabia

MLS will provide English language training (ELT) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia under a 3-year task on the Air Combat Command Contracted Advisory and Assistance Services IV vehicle. The ELT Air Force Security Assistance Training initiative supports US Government Security Cooperation Goals and utilizes Defense Language Institute English Language Center courseware and methodologies.

MLS to Present on Effective Cross–Cultural Communication at “East Meets West” Scientific Luncheon in Washington, DC

MLS Project Manager, Mei-June Lee, will present on “Communication Strategies to Build Positive Business Relationships” at Meet Hawaii’s upcoming luncheon for scientific organizations working in the Pacific Rim. Hosted by Meet Hawaii: The Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau on October 6 in Washington, DC, the event will showcase Hawaii as an ideal location for International … Continued

MLS VP to Present on Multilingual Global Marketing Strategies at IMPACT14

The Internet Marketing Association (IMA) has invited MLS Vice President Shane Reppert to present on how targeted multilingual communication strategies can enhance global marketing initiatives at the IMPACT14 conference. MLS will be a corporate sponsor and partner at the IMA IMPACT14 event held at the acclaimed Aria Convention Center in the CityCenter complex in Las … Continued