Linguist & Analyst Mission Support

Linguist & Analyst Mission Support

MLS is a leading provider of highly credentialed linguists and analysts to support critical government missions worldwide. Our thorough vetting processes and extensive professional development programs serve to ensure that our personnel are well versed in the latest resources, methodologies and technologies. Along with advanced skills in the target language and English, our linguists bring subject matter expertise in key disciplines. Similarly, our program analysts possess vast sector-specific experience and are adept in the use of essential analytical tools and software.

linguist-analyst-mission-supportCONUS & OCONUS Operational Support

  • Professional placement of linguists in critical languages and dialects
  • Mission-focused language and cultural training
  • All-source integrated intelligence analysis
  • Pre-deployment role player and exercise support
  • Signals intelligence
  • Cyber training and threat analysis
  • Digital network intelligence
  • Geospatial analysis and reporting
  • CI and HUMINT training and education
  • In-depth country and regional reports for community analysts

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