When creativity and message impact are the priorities, rather than mere content accessibility to foreign language speakers, MLS offers transcreation. Transcreation is a research-based, highly creative and collaborative process utilized to create the most resonant and impactful messages for specific target audiences. It includes culturally, linguistically and technically conveying the intended meaning of original-language content items such as an images, slogans and other key brand messaging in a foreign language. The process builds on the creative work of original-language stakeholders and its success is based on the application of a deep-rooted understanding of a target audience’s current values, attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, behaviors, and contemporary language usage; expertise in the field of marketing and advertising; and industry-specific management know-how. Our interdisciplinary transcreation teams are comprised of not just professional translators, but also creative writers, in-country cultural experts, reviewers and copywriters.

By leveraging our resources around the globe, our team has a history of successfully developing accurate, relevant and impactful multi-channel marketing and advertising content across multiple languages for targeted local markets. We have conducted domestic and international focus groups, implemented market research surveys, and developed strategies to establish and protect our clients’ brands globally with a view to maximize marketing and advertising ROI and reinforce global brand awareness, differentiating our clients from their competition.

Transcreation solutions include:

Recent Experience:

  • SEO research, polling and localization of collateral for multimedia advertising campaigns targeting U.S., regional and country-specific audiences
  • Cultural consulting and development of marketing guides to create more engaging web and print collateral targeting audiences from the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, India, Africa and Europe
  • Brand research and related support for manufacturers of diverse products and services ranging from automobile parts and household appliances to oil and video games
  • Creation of high impact messaging for the HR department of a multinational corporation seeking to integrate and establish consistent codes of conduct for its European workforce in 13 countries
  • Cultural consulting and development of marketing style guides for audiences from the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, India, Africa and Europe
  • Large-scale brand research survey in 50 worldwide jurisdictions for hospitality leader seeking to launch a new brand

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