Multilingual Staffing

Multilingual Staffing

multilingual-staffingMultiLingual Solutions, Inc. (MLS) identifies, recruits and places professionals with the optimal combination of professional and linguistic skill to meet clients’ temporary or full-time staffing and operational support requirements.

Our proven recruiting, vetting and testing process results in the identification of a vast pool of qualified professionals with advanced linguistic skill, academic credentials and practical experience in relevant industries.

Solutions for Business

Whether it’s a Chinese-speaking pharmaceutical professional, a Spanish-speaking customer service representative or a Russian-speaking lawyer you need, MLS serves as an extension of your in-house human resources department, identifying and vetting precisely the bilingual personnel to meet your staffing needs.

Solutions for Government

MLS is a leading provider of staffing solutions to meet government customers’ operational support requirements across the globe. Whether you’re looking for a Farsi language instructor for a 2-week assignment aboard a ship in the Pacific or a full-time permanent position on a government facility, MLS offers the vast network of fully vetted linguists, instructors and analysts with specialized skills in relevant topics who are available to provide the operational support necessary for mission success CONUS and OCONUS.

We invite you to read more about our Linguist & Analyst Mission Support and Language & Cultural Training solutions.

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