Finance & Banking

Real-time Communication in Multiple Languages Translates to Real Opportunities

While accuracy is absolutely vital in any translation or localization project, because of regulatory complexities, finance and banking work requires extra attention to detail. With over a decade of experience working with many leading financial institutions, MLS is uniquely suited to serve your multilingual needs with our keen sense of cultural nuance, linguistic expertise in the financial and banking industry and knowledge of pertinent laws. With services in over 100 languages and resources around the globe, our finance and banking practice group provides linguistically and culturally accurate services to institutions of all sizes. Our experienced linguists and cultural experts can accommodate high volume requests and the teams can easily scale to meet changing needs. Our quality control procedures ensure peace of mind, as well.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services and solutions, including:

  • Document Translation – our experienced, multilingual staff translate a variety of financial information including, annual reports, audit reports, financial statements, educational material, disclosure agreements, investment reports, prospectuses, SEC materials, shareholder and investor information and tax reports.
  • Interpretation – MLS provides a full range of interpretation services including on-site, telephonic and remote interpreters (MyInterpreter mobile platform). Our interpretation staff provides you the resources needed to meet the needs of your global and domestic Limited English Proficiency (LEP) customers. We support all types of meetings, conferences and events. We can also provide interpretation equipment as needed.
  • Executive, Workforce Language, Cultural and Diversity Training and Consulting – Our training helps you provide exemplary service to multicultural, multilingual customers and visitors. We provide tailored training that improves external communication with customers, partners and other stakeholders as well as targeted training that improves internal workforce collaboration.
  • Multicultural Marketing & Advertising – MLS marketing and transcreation experts provide critical support in building an organization’s dynamic global presence for B2B and B2C marketing, translating and localizing websites, and creating effective, culturally appropriate messages that resonate with your intended target audience while expanding your reach.
  • Website & Software and SEO Localization – we ensure content, functionality and key words are localized for language and cultural relevancy and optimized for target search engines. Our staff can help you develop an architecture and localization strategy that fits your business needs and budget

Selected Clients

  • Bank Atlantic
  • Prudential Financial
  • Oppenheimer & Company
  • Eagle Bank
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Stone Street Capital
  • Baja Capital Partners
  • Citigroup

Recent Experience

  • English into Haitian French and Spanish translation, editing and formatting of documents on affordable mortgage programs, lending practices and related marketing collateral
  • Educational and training manual translation on banking and finance for young adults with limited English proficiency
  • Translation from English into Korean of Merchant Services agreement
  • Interpretation services for meeting on financial and environmental matters between English speaking financial advisors and their Spanish speaking audience
  • Provision of certified translation of a financial service contract for a leading investment bank