MyInterpreter Mobile Platform

MyInterpreter provides international customers and guests access to foreign language interpretation via an easy to use, mobile robotic interpretation platform. Leveraging over ten years experience delivering innovative language and cultural solutions to the global marketplace, MultiLingual Solutions, Inc. is now offering the next “game changer” in the language services marketplace.


  • Leverage one cost-effective platform for interpretation services across more than 100 languages
  • Small footprint, extremely mobile and easy to use
  • Real-time responsiveness – MyInterpreter uses audio and video during interpretation to maximize the user experience
  • MyInterpreter can share web browsers, opening up multiple opportunities for enhanced services
  • Provides access to interpreters with specialized technical skill without being limited by geography.

Potential Uses

  • Hospitality and Tourism – station MyInterpreter at the Reception Desk to assist with international visitors or have it travel to wherever interpretation needs are located. MyInterpreter can also be leveraged as a strategically located mobile or static multilingual concierge.
  • Human Resources – MyInterpreter stands ready to assist with HR meetings, training activities and other multilingual workforce communication needs.
  • Medical – MyInterpreter helps medical staff communicate with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients and relatives. Additionally, MyInterpreter supports interpretation needs within high-risk or isolated environments.
  • Government – MyInterpreter helps address resource and budget constraints while maximizing effectiveness by providing an innovative, versatile replacement for cost-prohibitive live interpreter support. MyInterpreter can be leveraged for multiple languages and used at embassies, consulates, border sites and in disaster response environments.