language staffing services

Language Staffing for your company and industry.

We provide language staffing services for companies in almost all industries. We help your company communicate with international customers or clients, employees, and/or business partners who speak another language.

Our professional interpreters are proficient in more than 100 languages . We can find you an interpreter to meet any need – conference interpreting, video remote interpreting (VRI), telephone interpreting, and ad hoc interpreting. We have done everything from an on-site nurse at a hospital who speaks Japanese to a Russian interpreter at a press conference held in Moscow.

You probably already realize that finding the right language professionals can be very challenging. Interpreting is a different skill from translation and often involves much more complicated logistics when compared to other types of foreign language tasks such as transcription or editing. 

Each interpreter has different strengths and weaknesses, so you need to make sure the language professional who comes to your business is experienced in interpreting for exactly what type of event or task will be performed.

Your choice should depend on what you are trying to achieve. To help you with this decision process, here is a list of common types of interpreting assignments along with some questions that can help you choose the best solution for your needs:

Language Staffing services for various types of events and business needs

What Types Of Events Do You Need Interpreting For?


If you want to meet with clients or customers from another country, full conference interpreting might be best . This ensures consistent communication throughout the meeting – everyone understands each other well enough so there won’t be any disruptions during discussions.  However, some meetings only require some language assistance here and there, such as an interpreter for a presentation. In this case, VRI might be more suited to your needs.


If you need foreign language staffing for interpretation or a presentation, we recommend having an interpreter present at the event so that viewers can see and hear them . This can help people understand more about what is being said on stage – for example, through facial expressions and tone of voice – which lets them better relate to the speaker.  However, if you just need someone who can provide real time translation of key terms during slides or video clips of your presentation, then remote interpreting may be sufficient.  You could also opt to have an interpreter available phone.

– Press conferences

When a large audience needs to understand what is happening on stage, your language staffing needs may require you to go with our full conference interpreting services . This guarantees that the key messages will be communicated throughout a press conference or a meeting at a higher level of government. We can provide interpreters from every language needed as well as translators who specialize in preparing translations ahead of time.  However, for smaller events where there is no need for simultaneous interpretation services, remote interpreting might work better for you. This requires real time translation and is often more budget friendly as well as simpler to organize since there are no equipment requirements besides a phone.

One-on-one meetings with clients

If you need to communicate with a person from another country one-on-one, there are many ways to do so . The type of interpreter best suited for this depends on what you want to achieve. If you can be flexible in terms of language staffing (for example, if the other person is fluent in English), then it may make sense to user our remote language staffing interpreting services instead  of bringing in an onsite  translator  or full conference interpreter . This keeps your travel expenses lower, and let’s both parties focus their attention 100% on each other without any distractions.

– Presentations/classes

When holding presentations or classes that require interpretation services, remote interpreting is usually the most affordable way to go . However, if you need the language staffing assistant to read and paraphrase content or do some research for you, then a translator or full conference interpreter might be your best bet.


Language staffing at tours and exhibitions is usually best done through either remote interpreting  or onsite translators . For small events that require about an hour of interpretation, remote interpreting can work very well due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. However, if you need someone who can provide support throughout multiple days of a tour or exhibition where there is more time needed for explanation and interpretation, we would recommend hiring one of our interpreters onsite. This provides viewers with direct contact so they can ask questions and hear explanations first hand as opposed to reading them in a brochure.

Business meetings

When you’re hosting business meetings with people from another country, it’s important to choose the right interpreter for the job . For highly professional and technical meetings that require both accuracy and competency in special fields (for example, if you need someone who is familiar with banking terminology), we would recommend hiring one of our full conference interpreters who has previously worked in your industry. But for more casual gatherings such as product demonstrations or sales pitches, using our remote interpreting services might be all you need – this way everyone can relax and focus their attention on what is being said instead of worrying about translation errors or miscommunication due to language barriers.