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Language translation services are essential for your organization to convey information effectively. Hiring the translation service vendor best matched to your needs requires understanding what differentiates one language translation service over another. At Multilingual Solutions we employee humans not machines who are native speakers in the dialects that matter most to you. Professional “human” translators do more than just translate written words because human translators understand the intention of what’s being said along with the nuances of a culture. We employee only highly proficient translators around the globe that posses the expertise and experience needed to ensure your international success. Our professional translation services accommodate for slang, expressions, idioms and cultural subtitles so that your message always makes the right impact.

We’re here to help with your language translation service needs. All of the translation services we provide are tailored to your specific needs. We provide linguistic services in over 100 languages performed by professionally trained translators who treat every assignment with a personal touch. Our translation services can be requested on-demand and our translations are always of the highest quality at an affordable rate.

Translation Service Provider

Contact us with confidence knowing we’re trusted for our industry-specific expertise by the worlds most prominent companies including Google, Sony, Boeing, and the US Air Force and Army. Our translation services are performed only by highly accredited translators. Whether your organization is large, mid-sized or a small business we always match our linguists with your projects specific technical needs so that the translator is aligned seamlessly with your requirements no matter how demanding those requirements might be. Multilingual Solutions project managers will vet and select the perfect translator from our network of highly trained and accredited professional translators to match their technical expertise with the technical requirements of your specific project. Every document translated will pass through our rigorous quality assurance procedures to ensure the translated documents are as accurate, culturally relevant and impactful as in the original language. Our industry expertise is diverse and we understand the in-and-outs of legal documentation, medical documents, human resources, marketing and advertising, complex terminologies, along with the special needs of non profits, and government agencies. Each translation service we provided is backed by our years of experience to help you grow your relationships worldwide. You can can count on us for accuracy and timeliness and have confidence in your translations knowing they’ve been executed by one of our professionally trained and accredited translators specialized in your industry.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how MLS can help meet your global communication and operational objectives.

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