Professional Interpreting Services

Hire a Professional Interpreter

Need a professional interpreter? The MLS staff is comprised of highly proficient consecutive interpreters to service the most demanding interpreting environments. We provide professional interpretation for seminars, conferences, medical appointments, human resource interviews, and events large and small. Communication is the key to human interaction and a MLS professional interpreter can bridge the language gap with proper interpretation in any profession.

Professionalism in Interpretation

Interpreting speech from one language to another demands the highest level of professionalism. The interpreter must interpret whats spoken by verbatim word-for-word. At MLS our interpreters are professionals at consecutive and simultaneously interpreting even when the speaker is speaking for a prolonged period of time or transitioning between languages. Linguistic scenarios like these are where our professionalism in interpretation shines with memory recall, note taking and intense listening skills to produce accurate interpretation of whats being said without variation. When you hire a MLS professional Interpreter you’ll receive the highest level of proficiency in language interpretation trusted by companies around the world.

Professional Interpreting Services

MLS provides linguistic resources throughout the United States including on-site at your location or over the phone. Our staff of professional interpreters are native speakers highly experienced at consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Our team of professionals assist companies needing interpretation when communicating with English and foreign language speakers for legal proceedings, depositions, employee interviews, medical appointments, manufacturers, human resource departments, government offices and more. Rest assured your linguistic needs will be satisfied by one of the highly trained professional interpreters at Multilingual Solutions.