Multilingual Interactive Solutions, LLC

Multilingual Interactive Solutions, LLC

mlis-office-building-1-howard-hughes-center-las-vegasIn response to the growing need for targeted cross-cultural communications solutions in the Las Vegas area, MLS launched the Las Vegas-based MultiLingual Interactive Solutions (MLIS) in March 2013. Working closely with leading business and community organizations, MLIS provides critical linguistic, cultural and multimedia support for the vibrant tourism, hospitality and gaming industries that have long defined the region.

Leveraging extensive worldwide resources, a distinguished performance record, talented professional staff and proven agility, MLIS is committed to providing innovative solutions that enable our customers to thrive in a global environment. Through document translation, website and product localization, interpretation, multimedia production and other services, MLIS enables organizations to communicate more effectively and establish meaningful connections with multicultural consumers, partners and employees.

MLIS is committed to innovation driving business growth in the greater Las Vegas area.

MLIS offers businesses and government agencies an extensive portfolio of marketing and advertising services as they strive to attract visitors, expand investment and increase the city’s brand exposure internationally. Leveraging MLS’s success serving leaders in the tourism and hospitality industry worldwide, MLIS linguists and technical experts provide creative solutions for global market expansion and revenue growth while maintaining each client’s unique corporate brand.

MLIS also provides vital support to organizations’ human resources operations as they address demographic changes in the region, including translation of key HR materials and interactive web-based training modules to effectively integrate and manage a multicultural workforce.

MLIS personnel speak the language of online, casino and video games.

Whether it’s online games played virtually worldwide, games played by foreign visitors to the Las Vegas casinos or more traditional video games distributed in-country, MLIS linguistic and technical experts will collaborate with your development teams to create properly localized and fully tested products for your global consumers.

We invite you to contact us to discuss why MLIS is the strategic partner of choice for Las Vegas.

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