Interpretation Game Changer: New Mobile Platform Increases Access, Options

Interpretation Game Changer: New Mobile Platform Increases Access, Options

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With MyInterpreter clients connect with the linguists most qualified to meet their needs, regardless of geographic locale.

We’ve been spoiled by technology (and don’t we love it). Technological advancements, particularly those over the last 10 years or so, have fundamentally changed our ability to connect quickly with the resources, people and services we need in nearly any industry. Even services like interpretation, that used to rely on advanced planning for in-person interactions, no longer do.

Whether for medical consultations, legal proceedings, international business conferences or other events, planning for interpretation has historically presented a logistical challenge: There is a lot that goes into finding an interpreter who is qualified, available and affordable. Add to that the additional administrative time and money needed to orchestrate travel plans, hotel stays, per diems, parking passes, security clearances, and equipment rental and setup, and the undertaking becomes truly significant. In such a scenario, the biggest driver of the work is the need to get a specific person to a specific location at a specific time.

Technology is changing that scenario. Software and devices cannot effectively replace human interpreters, but new video conferencing tools and mobile platforms like MyInterpreter can effectively and efficiently bring interpreter services to those in need of them. The game-changing platform gives clients access to expert interpreters without the geographic limitations and travel logistics, and because interpreter availability is no longer location-specific, clients have more options and more access to interpreters in all languages and areas of expertise–even in lower-density languages and niche industries.

Aid across Industries

Finding the right interpreter for the right context is critically important, especially for situations in which the subject matter is highly specialized or sensitive in nature. Interpreters play a key role in facilitating communication among diverse groups of people at critical times, and their language services span industries and contexts. For example:

  • Education: Interpreters can assist administrators in student evaluations, can facilitate conversations among parents and teachers, can aid in facility tours, and can foster better parent engagement by minimizing the language barriers and subsequent feelings of isolation that language barriers can create.
  • Human Resources: Interpreters can assist in job candidate interviews and employee meetings and training, and can communicate sensitive personnel-related matters.
  • Healthcare: In an industry where both sensitivity and accuracy are critical, an effective interpreter can literally save a life. Whether for a doctor appointment, consultation or medical test, the ability to find the right interpreter with the right expertise is paramount. And, because remote interpretation is not location-specific, patients and doctors are better able to enlist someone to assist in a rush or emergency need.
  • Law and law enforcement: Law and law enforcement officials often deal with highly sensitive situations requiring the highest level of professionalism and accuracy. The need for interpretation in these situations also can be urgent. Now, interpreters can assist remotely in depositions, interrogations and client meetings, among others.

Minimal Equipment, Maximum Effect

Compared to in-person interpretation, remote interpretation with MyInterpreter requires little in terms of equipment and planning: clients rent the robotic unit and need only a strong Wi-Fi connection and a trained on-site administrator. The setup is simple, and over time can save the client a significant amount of money–for example, a client who hosts three interpreted events per month can save approximately $2,000 a year over standard on-site interpretation services.

Still, even the best remote interpreting equipment cannot replicate the experience of having an interpreter in the same room, and that is something to consider for each case. But compared to other remote options, such as over-the-phone interpretation and interpreter hotlines, remote interpretation using MyInterpreter comes much closer to the in-person experience. With a wide-angle camera lens, state-of-the-art video and audio technology, and a mobile, drivable device, the service creates a simulated presence for the interpreter, offering better visual cues and control, and ultimately, better language service.

Add to that the ease of use, costs savings, and increased ability to accommodate rush requests with top-notch professionals, and the MyInterpreter mobile platform has great power to transform the interpretation industry and experience for all involved.

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