Accelerate ROI with Cultural and Language Expertise

With services in over 100 languages, resources around the globe and an unparalleled dedication to providing the highest quality translation, our Automotive Industry’s Practice group provides linguistically and culturally accurate services to automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Our experienced linguists and cultural experts provide a complete solution to meet all of our clients’ foreign language needs. From translation of large volumes of highly technical materials, to training manuals for a global workforce, to marketing communications that ensure your target market is reached while protecting universal branding.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services and solutions, including:

Select clients

  • Toyota
  • RJ International, Inc.
  • Exa Corporation
  • Robert Bosch Corporation
  • Turbo Technologies, Inc.

Recent Experience

  • Translation of documentation on a battery charging device for one of the largest global automotive technology suppliers
  • PowerPoint presentation translation on luxury car marketing study results
  • Translation of polices, product development and government regulations
  • Translation of purchase orders and proposals to and from French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and German and English
  • Development of multi-channel advertising copy for diverse Spanish-speaking markets